Gwalior Exam center enquiry

I was willing to take codechef certification exam. I was thinking to choose IIITM Gwalior as my center. Few things I would like to know about the center:

  1. Is clion and pycharm both are provided or is there any chance that no ide is provided?
  2. Will the ide’s be fully functional or I have to configure it before using it. Like for pycharm creating a venv?
  3. Will a notebook or rough paper be provided to the candidates?

Help me @vijju123, I was willing to get a quick reply(by tomorrow afternoon) as I have to book my railway tickets.

Better to ask any senior who gave the exam. At my time - I used the codechef IDE.

At our center (Jaipur) Sublime text and Code Blocks were available.

But on codechef examination page it is clear written that clion and pycharm will be provided. So why it is not been provided to the students?

How is it like to work with codechef ide rather than any other ide?

I can’t say for sure that they were not provided.

You should try it for a few problems right now n see.