Gwalior Onsite Registration

When will the registration process for Gwalior-Pune regionals be expected to start? They released the selection and site allocation lists long ago. The last mail they sent mentioned that the payment links will be active from 27th November but no updates on their website. I tried mailing them this but got no reply.

Does anyone tried mailing them this and received some reply?

I’ve tried to mail them, but they do not respond to any queries.

I have the same query regarding registration :frowning:

Even I tried mailing them (since they said onsite registrations would open by the 27th of November), but there was no response. Funnily, we are only about 2 weeks away from the actual contest itself.

Now I am thinking that they will take money by cash when we will go for onsite :).

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same here… I wonder if any site is responsive to mails or not… if yes do tell me… I will take that site next time…

No site is responsive to mails XD but kolkata kanpur put updates on their site, fee already been submitted on kolkata kanpur site

Okay that will also work XD

I think kolkata-kanpur is the only site that has completed all the formalities and provided all the info for participation. I wish other sites could also follow the same

Seems so XD