Hack with infy round 2 automatically test ended

I was doing hack with infy second round. and then the test automatically ended with in 1 hour. i have been logged out automatically. did anyone else face this issue

Anyone faced the same?

I didn’t face the same issue. But, suddenly the website became unresponsive and freezed. Nothing was working. Tried all the possible ways for around 1hr, but nothing worked. Even mailed them, but didn’t get proper response.

What reply did you get?

One possible reason : If you switch between tab or change window then I think after first warning they logout you automatically.

I was doing in an incognito window and I kept receiving “don’t switch” for no reason. And then I got logged out.

Did you read instructions ? The same thing happen with some of student in 1st round also. Actually they don’t allow to switch tab and I think after first warning they logout and end the test automatically.

Yes I read the instructions. I got the pop up whenever I was switching between the question. Like, I was looking at the first one for sometime and then I jumped to third one. And then 2nd and first. Each and everytime I got the same thing.