HackerEarth April Clash '15 - invitation

Hello everyone,

I want to invite you to participate in HackerEarth April Clash '15. It is 12h-long contest scheduled on April, 18 (check your timezone). Problemset consists of 4 algorithmic tasks with partial solutions allowed — you get points for every test that you solution passed, and one approximate problem - your score for this task depends on how good your solution is comparing to current best solution.

Problemset was prepared by Pavel Sheftelevich - you may already know him for preparing some interesting problems for CodeChef contests, he was an author of January Lunchtime 2015. I was co-working with him as a tester.

Top 3 winners will receive HackerEarth T-shirt!


by invation you meant invitation, I guess ))

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You are right :slight_smile: Thanks, fixed now.