HackerEarth March Easy ‘21 Solutions

Hello Codechef Community, Here are the video editorials for yesterday held HackerEarth March Easy’ 21. Each and every problem along with their solutions are explained in detail.

Below are the links to the solution:-

  1. A Bitwise Pair
  2. Maximize the Modulo Function
  3. Special Pallindrome
  4. The Maximum Set

More Problems will be updated.

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Thank You!!


No leaderboard :cry:

Does anyone know what happened to the leaderboard this time?

Don’t know , from last 3 short contest they provide leaderboard after contest , but this time they don’t provide leaderboard even after contest :frowning_face:

You are doing a great job by posting video solutions of HackerEarth challenges. Keep it up bro. Keep on posting HackerEarth rated contest video editorials.All the best!

Leaderboard is now updated.

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