Hackerearth october circuits prizes

I ranked 9 globally in hackerearth october circuits , So according to the rules i am eligible for hackerearth T shirt as i have a rating less than 1600 and ranked less than 10 globally .

The prizes were to be distributed in 2nd week of Nov . So I mailed them about the prize . First they agreed to notify me when the prizes will be disbursed .
After a few days I mailed them again , this time they said that I am Plagarised. Though I am still there on ranklist at 9th place and my ratings are still intact . First of all they did not tell me with whom I am plagiarised , In which question I am plagiarised etc . They did not even notify me .
I did all the questions on my own , and did not involve in plagiarism .

I did take some segment of code from sites such as GFG or Hackerearth which were present online before start of contest .

To this they responded that even the codes taken from GFG or Hackerearth are counted for plagiarism .

I think the process of distribution of prizes of hackerearth is not at all transparent and they just made up stories.


After november circuit desaster I wouldn’t expect anything from them.
Challenge problem was broken and winner admits that his solution is clearly wrong.
No reaction or effort for correction from officials.


Bro , Hackerearth was a disaster from the start itself. It was never genuine and prize distribution was not genuine at any time. Dont waste time in those Hackerearth contests bro


Do contest in hackerearth only to train yourself how to deal with ambiguous and uncleared problems. Never for prices and ratings in contest. :joy::sweat_smile:


I don’t know even their cash prices in these contests are real or fake…

I got (2-3 years ago) cash prize from them (Hackerearth) for a women only competition (runner up). It wasn’t easy as I’m in Hungary but after a while I got it transferred. Next year the same contest excluded people outside India for being eligible for any prize…
[And I also got once an Amazon gift card there for an SQL challenge being top 5, but I don’t consider it being cash price. Actually they wanted me to agree to get the previously mentioned prize in amazon gift card but it is too expensive to get items shipped here and the amount was higher than my yearly web shopping in total.]

They do award cash aka amazon gift cards on time. I once got a amazon gift card with prize equivalent to that moments dollar to rupee rate.
I also got tshirt in that contest but tshirt take longer time with some constant reminder.
I’m waiting for one more gift card. For sure will rant a lot if they fk up.

As far as their contests are concerned better participate on cf, atcoder. Idk why people even bother to participate there. Codechef is also on the lines of hackerearth these days.


That’s good if they award cash prices on time.

Same thing happened for me too.
I was ranked 13 globally in October Circuits 2019 , and was under top 10 having rating less than 1600.

I too sent them mail but in response I was told that I had been plagiarized .
I had also taken segments of code from GFG …

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Looks like they don’t have T-shirts in stock…:sweat_smile: