Can anyone tell me how to get to problems for practice that have come in any contest on HackerEarth like recent Amazon All India Hiring contest, odessa-hackathon-2019 etc as i am not able to see any contest problems in practice area.

happy coding !! :slight_smile:

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@shivamchef Thanks for replying but i was asking in general for any contest like for odessa-hackathon-2019 i have not found any link so i was asking in general.

open challenge page
you will see solve problems link

open any previous challenge

@ganesh92 Bro questions are coming only for HackerEarth’s own contest like April Circuits '19 etc but there is no option to view question for other challenges like hiring ones and the contest like Amazon All India Hiring, odessa-hackathon-2019 are not even listed that the problem i am scraching my head for . Like questions for this contest is no where to find



My advice:- Don’t practice much on Hackerearth except for Hiring Challenges. Its not a good place. Filled with ambiguous/wrong problems.(I have experience of 1 year with Hackerearth).
Due to these things, it is not a well known recognized platform for competitive coding :slight_smile:

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what are you babbling about !!
I can see Amazon, TCS and many past challenges on every first page

@ganesh92 I am not babbling bro i can get to the contest page but there is no option for practice questions. Here is the screenshot tell me if you could see any link to the questions the link which is posted above the dry-run one is nowhere. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@anon55659401 Thanks for advice will surely follow it. :slight_smile:

I guess its not possible according to this post

@anon55659401 can you confirm if the questions are same as the Amazon challenge you gave
coz this one has the phrase ‘dry run’ in it whereas the original challenge did not

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@anon55659401 Bro how did you find the dry run link of amazon challenge…??

Yes the questions are same