Hacking C++ CodeForces solution

I code in JAVA. Recently, in a CodeForces contest, I went on hacking a solution and discovered a C++ code that might get an Array index out of bound error but it didn’t. Later found out that there is no array index out of bound error in C++ and needs to be taken care of while coding. Due to this, my hack was unsuccessful. Basically my question is what things I need to take care of while hacking if I code in other language? Do I need to start coding in other language? Most of the coders use C++ so I find it difficult to find a JAVA solution to hack.

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That is correct, accessing an out of bounds index is “undefined behavior” in C++. So, unfortunately you cannot use that to predictably hack solutions. If you want to reliably hack solutions in other languages, you must be familiar with those languages.

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Someone’s code had all integers while one of input was long long int… still his solution failed my hack and it passes system testing too !! How !!

Solution link : Personal submissions - Codeforces
Problem : Problem - B - Codeforces

Can anyone help ?

@I_returns it uses black magic.

#define int long long int

It replaces all occurrence of int with long long int.


Oh lol, I went through that code twice still didn’t see that :confused:

even I searched for #define int long long int
but I also didn’t see it XD