Hackwithinfy 2020

I’ll be giving hackwithinfy on this 15, can anyone help me with a question so that i can revise all my concepts

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I am also sitting for the first time.just practise previous year questions

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What is the exact procedure to get selected for Power Engineer role ans SES role ?
how many students are called for interview ?
what is the exact difficulty level of test ? any idea?

date for exam declared?where?

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yeah …even i havent received anything regarding the test schedule

The first round is on 15th I guess

where did you get the details from?

Yep. It is on 15 march
2nd round on 29th March i guess.
You can check it on infytq under HackWithInfy banner.

check your registered email

check articles in gfg

Can we able to write Hackwithinfy Round 1 on March 16 or Should we write on March 15 itself only?

has anyone given hackwithinfy today , can somebody tell us how was the exam, webcam was on or not?, how were the questions…?


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What do you mean webcam was on or not. Do you have intentions to cheat ?


i don’t have any intentions and if somebody even try to do that there will be strict plagiarism check for each and every submission, i was asking because there is some issue going on with my laptop’s webcam, if webcam is mandatory then i have to make some arrangements.

cheating is not a good act!!

Hackwithinfy round 1 postponed?

Yes #HackwithInfy Round 1 has been postponed. Revised date will be re-sent via mail.

where did you get this information from?

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