HackWithInfy Interview Results

I have given HackWithInfy interview for the role of system engineer specialist at Dehradun on 22nd August 2019 , It’s have been 15 days since then and I have not yet received any mail regarding the results of the interview.

I have also not received any mail

If anyone has got the results please comment the contact details of right person to contact with regarding my results.
Their site has nothing like Contact for hiring related query

My college placement cell announced the results on mail on Tuesday. It was a list of students selected by Infosys and the role they were offered. That list contained students selected both through hackwithinfi and through InfyTQ upgrade. You guys should try contacting your college placement cell.

i think they will not send result by mail
they did not send mails when we got selected for infytq
our placement offficer sent us the results
so u can contact them
they will surely have the result