Hackwithinfy problem(Round 1 7may 2021)

In the problem we are given a string where # representing the mines in the game and the numbers representing the sum of number of mines in the adjacent left and the right cell.
for ex:: s =1##100
here at position 1 ‘1’ representing the sum of number of mines at position 2
here at position 4 ‘1’ representing the sum of number of mines at position 3 and position 5
here at position 6 ‘1’ representing the sum of number of mines at position 5 and position 7
here at position 7 ‘0’ representing sum of number of mines at position 6

Can anyone help w

Now in the question at some position there are question marks and u have to replace the question marks with appropriate character such that following rule holds and u have to count number of ways of doing this
eg: ??0?1?
1st way would be : #1001#
2nd way would be: 00001#
so ans would be 2

constraint was
if n is the length of the string

Can anyone help me with this question

Whenever you use symbol, enclose them with $ sign.

I think your input is changed because site has different meaning for *

Yeah sure here i have used #

i was facing this problem so i edited with #

I searched for hackwithinfy pattern but didn’t find it . I have some questions if you guys can help me out, it would be very helpful.

  1. How many problems does hackwithinfy consists of and how much time is given in total?
  2. What coding languages are allowed for the competition?
  3. How are ties handled?
  4. How many are selected for next round?
  5. If possible please tell what data structures were used and how difficult the questions were with respect to difficult of codechef questions?

Looking forward for your replies guys …

  1. Total 3 problems, 3 hours
  2. All common, cpp, java, python.
  3. No idea, no info on website.
  4. Since there is only 1 round before grand finale(every year there used to be 2), approx 2000-3000 should be selected [approx 400 receive power programmer interview, rest SES]. For grand finale(hackathon), approx 110 students will be selected.
  5. Questions were hard this time. In my set, I couldn’t find any very easy questions. It ranged fron easy-medium to hard. Questions were mainly from dp, graph and strings. In some sets, they got questions from even advanced data structures like fenwick tree/segment tree.

Overall it was much hard than last year, as there is only one round this time.

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Thank you so much for your detailed answer!

I also gave Infytq certification exam but didn’t prepared and wasn’t able to qualify the qualification round, but I think I must have been just short of few marks, did you gave that exam… As far as I know they take Power Programmer from that also

How much problem do we need to solve inorder to get PP role interview?
How many were you able to solve?

Don’t know. Maybe 2 or more. I solved 1.5. Don’t even know if I will be selected or not :frowning:

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Okay, thanks !

I gave Infytq exam and I also qualified the final round they conducted the advantage round on 7th may which was coding round like hack with infy .

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How many questions we have to solve in Hackwithinfy so that we are eligible for Power Programmer