HackWithInfy Result 2020 not received

I scored 127 points in HackWithInfy 2020 Round 1 and Haven’t got the result of clearance yet whereas people with 40-50 points already did today at 6:30 PM. Any idea why this is happening? Where should I report?

Have you checked your spam folder?
Did you share your solution with anyone?
The same thing happened previous year. Either you have not qualified or you are plagiarised.
Mail them once with your doubts (but they might not reply).


I have checked the spam folder there’s nothing there. I didn’t share my solutions with anyone. And even if there is something of such sort then also they must mail and inform the contestants. Their system is just full of errors and loopholes.

I also scored 132, but not received mail yet!!

you should contact your college tpo cell ,they will provide the list of all candidate selected from the college for round 2.In your case i think there might be plagiarism case.

Shouldn’t they inform whatever the reason is?

they did not give the reason .only we got the mail and at last final list of all selected candidate from college

I have read more than 20 tweets about others facing the same issue and nearly all of them scored more than 50% like I did. Seems like there was an upper cutoff to the selection procedure this time.

I also scored 143 marks in hackwithinfy but doesn’t receive any mail from them.Can you tell me what is the issue or they will mail some remaining candidates today.

Hopefully some response will come. If it doesn’t we have to make our voices heard, do tweet @infosysCareers and let them know.

contact your respected tpo
a mail of selected candidates has been sent in college

I have also not recieved mail scored 120 but those who got lower 60 got mail.i have not shared my code and also not copied from anywhere.I do not get why i am not selected.

It’s probably because they want to reduce selections post pandemic so just eliminate the ones who can clear Round 2 in Round 1 itself.

where should we complain?please any mail id…that infosys team would respond?