Hackwithinfy results 2021

I had my interview today. The interviewer just asked my about my intro, project and told me to solve Lru cache. No theory, no oops nothing, no HR questions etc. Is this a bad indication?

I don’t think so. Even I was asked only one question - “Implement Travelling Salesman Problem”.
He didn’t even ask me “Tell me about yourself” (strange).

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which role bro??


Which role bro?


Kishmt ho to aapk jaisa :pray:

In how many minutes did you solve the coding question in the interview ??

It is an NP-Hard problem. We only have algorithms that run in pseudo-polynomial time. He gave me 45 mins of time and I was able to do it in around 30 mins.

The only thing I was unhappy about was he pointed out and mentioned my coding practices were not so good, though I used meaningful variable names and pretty much good coding conventions (I coded it in Python). He was like are these things needed?

for ex: I used the for each loop in python to iterate over the adjacency list. It goes like this

for neighbor in adj[city]:

In the end I did ask the feedback. He was like "I didn’t find anything bad (or some kind of loophole) in you.

I am thinking to post the entire thing as an Interview-experience post on Geeksforgeeks. I am waiting for the verdict.

When results will be declared any one knows

Kisi k bhi interview ka result aaya kya?

I was interviewed for PP role today

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Soon I’ll be sharing my experience on gfg…hope it’ll be helpful for u guys

What was your method did u use iterative method or dp?


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Mera bhi theek gya tha I mean. Merse technical pucha wo to bngya jb tk wo dsa p tha uske bad usne automata wgrh utha li and wo ni bna phir program m usne doubly linked list bola ki add front mid or end ka batao to wo bhi krdia

I guess he was expecting prims algorithm se solution

I guess results for DSE are out some college tpo got the result.
have anyone got the result who have interviewed for PP role?

I did not get any mail from TOP or Infosys, (interviewed for DSE role).
and also will I get rejection mail if I failed to crack the interview?

Yes , Our College came under Premium Partner of infy. nd infy visited on campus too.
for same profile. he interviewed for DSE on 7th July. so may be due to this they have given the result. I think most probably we will be getting result by august , because for many interview is going still now too.

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