Hackwithinfy results 2021

Hello community! Can anyone tell me about dates when results will be announced? If someone got 139 pts / 300 what rank can he expect ? What is the criteria for different roles like what will be the cut off for PP interview and SES interview ? How many points you were all able to get ?


Tbh the marking is bit different in hackwithinfy as per I know 50,75,100 for Easy medium and hard respectively. And as per I know 139 pts mean that you have done around 1.4/3 correct so you may get an offer for SES profile there’s no chance you’re qualifying for round 2 or PP profile. Sorry to break you this news

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@zennit I have solved
1st question 86 percent
2nd question 100 percent and
3rd question only sample testcase passed
Is there is any chance for getting offer for Power Programmer role

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Sample test case as in none of the test cases passed in the hidden 12 cases? If that’s hope for the best but there are very less chances for PP But SES is for sure. Right now I am not even sure that I’ll get PP or not I did 2 100% and one 12%>

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I was able to solve just 1 question! What are my chances?

Wait for results bro. All I can say

Upto last year, everyone who solved atleast 1 full, got a chance for SES role interview. For PP, you need to solve 2/2+. I think it shouldn’t change for this year too, but its 2021, anything can happen.

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you may get called for system’s expert role

Guys do tell your results here. Maybe some of us would meet one day in the same ofc​:frowning::crossed_fingers:

Hii, for hackwithinfy i was using firefox and the timer wasn’t running but i was able to view and submit problems and after one hour i switched back to chrome will they disqualify me?
Also will i get call for PP , I wad able to solve 2 problems full and 1 problem 78% .

@andhakanoon Maybe yes like there’s 90% chance you’ll be disqualified

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I had solved 1.25 (100% 25% 0%) questions in HackWithInfy 2021 contest. Is there any chance of selection?

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@zennit If i solve a question say Q1.
In first Submit i got 10 TC AC , But later i changed the code and again only 10 Same TC passed , So which solution will be considered for Evaluation and plagiarism checking ?

In codejam and all if there’s no change in results they keep the first one. Idk about Infosys

Yes Monish for SES

When will be results out???Any idea??

I was able to solve first question 100% and second only 4%(only one test case ), is there any chance?this year the contest was damn so tough, the constraints given by INFOSYS were unsolvable.

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I solved 2 problems 100 %.
One problem for 6/12 test cases. And then went out leaving the camera on. I guess they would disqualify me as per their policies!


Can anyone send link of job description of various profile they hire through HackWithInfy?

@steel_7 They were do-able if you studied data structures and DP for me each level of question was solvable by DP easily only the first one was greedy and I messed up that. The questions were nice but still easier than those in code jam. The results would be out by 19th I guess

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