Hackwithinfy round2

any idea when will be the results out??
how many questions u need to solve to get in top 300??

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How they are marking ? Because some of get so hard set and some get easy so it’s different marking system for all set or same means highest one will get all. Or it’s like top10 from all set

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3 questions complete , and wait no criteria for 300 …this year only top 100 participants have opportunity to give PP interview :slight_smile:

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I really didn’t like the new environment where you can’t even submit code and check the results. The only testcase that was available to us was the sample testcase. So, a paritcipant will have to waste time in debugging his own solution by creating his testcase and wondering(instead of using that time to solve hard problems).

Now, some participants may think that they solved all problems but might fail for such trivial testcase that has no significance at all. For example, I solved a problem of breaking a string into its characters depending upon some conditions , did it correctly but failed to write the case when the input string is just a character ( My bad I admit it), but still could have been easily avoided if there were pretests(at least some tests).

Further, In the last problem, I saw a glitch in compile & test region where Custom input answers were not at all being given. In that problem, we had to output a integer or -1, and there were no testcase , So i gave a custom input and for n=2 , expected correct answer was " 1 2 1" instead of -1, for n=4 Expected correct answer was “1 4 6 4 1” instead of 3. Yeah you guessed it right it was printing row of pascal’s triangle , didn’t care more about custom test then.

This kinda environment just kills time.

EDIT 1: In one problem there was no variable c in the problem statement and input format, but was there in constraints, however constraints of one variable was missing so i guessed it might be it.



The problem Parity Game was a old hackerearth question.
Submissions for past this question in hackerearth were already public.
even though the question page was blocked.
If I mail infy or hackerearth will there be any subsequent steps taken by them?

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I am guessing a lot or maybe all of the questions were from hackerearth’s previous questions only. I got this (Number of City) question in my test. This question is from a circuits around an year ago. The funny thing is I had solved this question in the hackerearth’s circuits and I recognized the question but I didn’t think it was even worth solving it for 50 points and all my time would have been spent on this question only. Either this question doesn’t belong to a 50 point question or I haven’t realized the optimal way to code it.


Seriously… What is the sense of having question which were already online there.

mail them…They dont read any post from discuss :slight_smile:


highly agreed

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Most of the questions asked in Hackerearth challenges are from the hackerearth question bank only.


That question was crazy, even taking its input is difficult and complex.



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Hi! I had the same question. Do you think my approach was right?
It gave correct answer for many inputs



but actually its difficult
I dont know how to solve this question?

Haha… Even I can’t remember how I solved it :rofl:

I feel that all the question have same difficulty as this have so i found this round so tough And even not completed any single question. So its not fair if they consider only marks without qiestion difficulty

I think we just had to look out for two consecutives 9’s here, in that problem.

how many problems were you guys able to solve?

Oh did i over kill it? lol. But is my code right?

No one is sure… I think the two questions I have solved were correct, buuut again not sure.