hard to understand this platform .should i leave it.

i worked on a logic and submmited solution many times but it did not accepted my solution then i saw other solutions and another guy who worked on the same logic is getting points and i m not getting points then i changed the code exactly like that guy just changed one variable name different but my code did not get accepted and why i copy and pasted that guys code it gets acceptd.links are CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone and CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

Idk why this happens but its really annoying because i solve the problem for a couple of mins and then Im trying to get my otput correct so that the site will accept it.Its just a waste of time.I might get the problems from here solve them on my own and not bother submitting anything!

printf("%lld\n",ans); printf("%lld",jack);.
Don’t you see any difference besides variable name?

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Don’t get frustrated. Look again, you are missing a newline at each output.

In ACcepted solution : printf("%lld\n",ans);

In your solution : printf("%lld",jack);

Clearly they are different.

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thanks @mediocoder