Has Codechef Updated?

Looks lot better now.


It takes time to get habituated though.


The main page has updated

(still waiting for the dark theme)

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Already, Codechef had the best UI & UX.

Yes, it has been updated.

Colour contrast is not good!

this is another shit by codechef … :laughing:
the name is incorrect it should be cheatchef.

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What does this have anything to do with cheating?

Maybe he is implying that CodeChef people just didn’t get their priorities right and unnecessarily polishing the website UI is much less important than introducing a decent plagiarism checker?

I’m also unhappy that the compilers for many programming languages are still stuck in the 2016 era on the CodeChef platform. And even trivially fixable compiler misconfiguration problems are not addressed fast enough for the existing compilers.