Has Microsoft or Amazon started on campus hiring for interns?

Generally, Microsoft and amazon start their on-campus hiring from various colleges in India by the starting of August. But this year, it has not started yet. Have these companies visited your college or if you have any information regarding their hiring, plz let me know . It would be a great help


In some colleges they started hiring , at least i know about amazon .

could you tell me which colleges. IITs or NITs?

I know that Amazon hired in Nirma University

okk. Thanks for the information

Microsoft has started, they visited our campus for interns(NIT KKR), but not for FTE (as i am in final year :sweat_smile:) Amazon also started bro.

Same for nitw :frowning:

Thank you so much for the info bro. Could you tell how many days back it visited NIT KKR

1st week of Aug

ok thanks

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