Hash Code team

Slack Workspace Link (find other new hacker/coders to interact and make a team)-

:wave: Let’s move this to Slack! We’ve got 49 folks from the team there already.

I won’t be participating this year as working on some projects,interested coders are requested to contact other coders through this forum and form a team. The same I did previous year.


Hi @codeprovider I want to join you

My username @ayush693 for that hashcode

mee too can join … i’m comfortable in Java

I have send the invitation link plz check

Which competition ??

hey there i am a programmer in python, can i join your team?
send me an invite: info.fasuka@gmail.com

Hey @codeprovider i code in c++ can i join your team.

Hi @codeprovider ,I am interested to join in your team. My email ravuri.poojitha123@gmail.com


Hi I’m interested tooo , I know DS ALGO and I chose to code in C++

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anyone willing to form team for hashcode 2021 ?

i chose C

I am also interested !

Hi, I am interested–>knows c++ and a little bit of Python

how good are u guys…i am also not perfect but I have almost1.5 years experience in C…and around average grasp of data structures

Hash Code requires you to solve real world problems rather than algorithmic problems

Those real world problem require data structure and algorithm only .Its just that the way they present it is different.

Hey, I wanted to, do let me know my mail address is agarwalshruti750@gmail.com

Hey… If there is any empty space In your time then I would love to join and ya my primarily language is c++