Hash Code team

Do you code in C++ ?

If c++, then i’m ready .

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I wanna join a team,

I code in JavaScript (Backend)

the username is @Abdurrahman on hashcode

hi, I am looking for Java guys to join my team

@abd_770 can i join your team?

hey we both can meke team

Can I join your team ?

I also want to join team.

my username is @anshuloffical for that hashcode

Im ready to join

Hi, I want to join HashCode

To help my fellow hackers/coders find new team I have created a slack workspace, so I would like to invite to Team Mixer, a slack workspace were you could find new hackers/coders to interact with them, share your experience, find a team, know about upcoming events!!

Any Java coder wants to join me,
Mail me :- amankotiyal019@gmail.com