Haskell packages or Prelude alternative

Would it be possible to request some basic Haskell packages for GHC? The base package that comes with GHC is really bare bones and doesn’t have support for good performance stuff like arrays or vectors. For this it would be really nice to get some basic packages installed or at least some alternative for the Prelude (Haskells “standard” library that comes with base package).

There are good alternatives like Foundation (https://hackage.haskell.org/package/foundation) which is already kind of tackling this from the Haskell side. This package alone would help a lot with Haskell. There is a good list of goals and features at https://haskell-foundation.github.io/features.html

There are already a couple of older topics discussing kind of this same problem. But they seem pretty dead. Is there some way to contribute or help with this?

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