Have a look at all the great projects we have through the CodeChef Hackathon!

Recently CodeChef hosted a hackathon and we could only find some of the projects on the main discuss but I went to the special discuss site of the hackathon just for fun today only to find all these great projects these people have contributed to. They include CodeChef Android/IOS apps, some web-apps (which are far better on front-end then current CodeChef :P) and some awesome IDEs (something like Topcoder arena) and our favourite CLI tools as well.

You can visit the link: https://alibabacloud.discuss.codechef.com/ for their respective links and video demos. The guys have put in a lot of effort and lets take some time and appreciate their work :slight_smile:

Try each of them out, you’ll find something which you wanted from along time :wink:


Thanks for the appreciation. Chef-CLI was meant to solve problems the way we love (aka terminal). Love the other awesome projects that were build :slight_smile:

Tried each one of them :slight_smile: I liked the CLI one.

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