Have anyone ever received any codechef goodie?


Just a question to the community:
Have anyone ever received any codechef goodie?

I have a strong suspicion that the goodies simply don’t exist at all, and
the goodies are just fraud incentive to participate in codechef contests.

As you can check in my competition history, before the ‘laddus era’
I’ve been in top 10 twice in Long Challenge but I’ve never received anything.

Ok, maybe it was a mess before. But now we are in the laddus era.
There is a page to track your laddus points. You can spend them on goodies
(there are even fancy cameras, drones etc). You can track your orders.

So YAY everything seems to be on track.

I made an order more than 4 months ago (12/04/2018), and the laddus page says “not shipped yet”.
I tried to reach out by email laddus@codechef.com to find out why is it so.
But my email was probably moved directly to /dev/null to spam or just ignored.

So my question stays:

Have you ever received any goodie/t-shirt from codechef?

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I received goodies from codechef, but they took some time in delivering. They are working on clearing the backlog right now. I will forward your concern to appropriate admin. In the meanwhile, please add anything more which you might want to convey to them :slight_smile:

I too have received goodies from Codechef.