Having Discord Server

I would like to suggest an idea of having official or unofficial discord server where beginners could ask small things or getting help in issues faced during solving problems.
It is needed because of following reasons:

  1. One can’t type that on comment of particular problem as there are thousands of problems and no one is going to read comments of every problem.
  2. One can’t create new topic just to asking why their solution isn’t working etc.
  3. It would bring all the coders from the world under one roof.
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yeah good idea, Codeforces also has a discord server .

but people may use it for getting hints or even trade solutions.
Not all probs are algorithmic. some are ad hoc too. So even a small hint may defeat the whole purpose of prob statement.
As a beginner one shld realize that its not bad that they could not solve any particular prob during contest.
ur primary motive shld be to learn.
solve those ques in practice.
I hav seen people asking trivial ques which clearly states that they hav never solved any ques neither on codechef nor anywhere else
And 3 star guys are not beginners :sweat_smile: @codingisez

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There already is. https://discord.gg/qypFXV


Ain’t talking about myself though