Having Problem in ICPC Registration 2021

Did anyone else face a similar problem like this ??
Anyone registered , can you please laydown the steps .

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Did you create any teams earlier with same team-name/member? I can’t comprehend the warning properly.

Also note that only coach can register on your behalf.

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I didn’t create any team with the same member or the teammate also i was registering myself on team’s behalf

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Okay, so maybe the issue is you’re the one who is registering and a participant as well.
You should ask any of your college profs to make an account on the baylor site and then register your team.

can you send the link where the coach has to register

Sign Up Link

Register Link

Though the coach will register , i just gave it a try but it usually its gives the same error

so like i guess it would give the same error when the coach does