Having problems while submitting solutions

In Jan long-off 2021 I submitted a total of 3 solutions out of which 1st two were correct and 3rd one was incorrect. I rechecked everything about my algorithm and tested it on multiple test cases and it showed the same outputs with the same sequence of printing(as you can see on my profile that I made 37 wrong attempts of that question )and it showed WA. But still, I was skeptical about my approach so I tried solving practice questions and to my surprise, I got WA every time. So I had no other options but to look at other (correct submitted) solutions in the submission section and copy-paste it on the CodeChef IDE to see if there is some problem with me or the IDE and surprisingly it showed WA on that solution too! IDK what’s happening but it makes me worried about upcoming competitions.

Please link to:

  1. The AC solution you chose; and
  2. The submission where you submitted the AC solution but got WA.
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