Heavy cheating ,Very Sad, help

such channels must be reported. being coders themselves, they’re spreading the wrong morales.

First, it was only Codechef Long, but now almost every coding competition, be it Codejam, Kickstart, Codeforces, is spoiled by these greedy people

@admin rollback rating and do plagiarism testing before changing ratings


Yes there was even a YouTube video which was sent to me by a friend… I don’t think admin can do anything… These peps don’t get that there is no use of cheating… At the end they have to give interview themselves…

Btw all those who want to do something abt it… Just get better than those soln providers… So it won’t affect you…

I guess the buzz is due to Amazon hiring…

Mail the details to help@codechef.com admins will do whatever is in their power.

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Welcome to 6* :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley: !


he is the one who leaked the solutions
he must be banned from codechef

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100% , Since I was not participating in this lunchtime , I was going through CF blog section where someone posted the group link in which the solutions were getting shared , seeing which I said the author to delete the post till the duration of contest and he did the same .

Please do plagcheck codechef please I can assur u in cook off and lunchtime only many people will be caught people in India do cp for the sake of writting it in resume that they r this much star that’s where the problem started

I replied 3 minutes before the contest was over.

Congratulations brother :partying_face: for 6 :star2:

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Can codechef give the number of participants being plagiarised in This or any past short contest. @admin

The user who cheated is sanskar_321

Thanks brother :slightly_smiling_face:

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