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Hello every1,

I’m new here. i would like to know the best way to rank up as a programmer from this amazing community. I’ve noticed CodeChef has a star system. How do i get my first?

Thanks in advance


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Participate in contests

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just participate in rated contest (official contest held by codechef) , solve some questions and get ranked according to your performance

Participate in long contest try to solve as many problems as you but don’t try to cheat. This will surely rise your rank and problem solving skills.

You have to take 2 things in parallel.

1. Learn All topics by reading article/ watching videos and practice at least 4-5 Question to be confident in that topic. You can have 1 topic per day/3day/week depends on your potential and dedication.

2. Participate in rated contest at codeforces/codechef/atcoders/leetcode. After Contest Do up solve the questions (at least 1 Question) . Recommended to choose 2 platform ( contest ) else depend on your time management.

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Codechef is hosting contest (only div.3) for specially new programmer on 31 Jan 4:00 - 7:00 pm .
Do participate