Help a beginner like me on the path of competitive programming

hi i am quiet new at competitive programming and as expected struggling a lot to perform bettter and i have no one near me who can guide me on this , if anyone hear could me suggestion on what pathway to take , which things to learn which algorithms and ds , which onine study resources to use to learn that things.

Well, in my opinion, I would suggest that you read this book called Competitive Programmers Handbook. It is very easy to understand for beginners and teaches you about a lot of different concepts in competitive programming such as dynamic programming, graph traversals etc. I would also recommend that you go to Codechef beginner problems and sort by most submissions. Thus, the easier ones will be shown to you. Or you can go to Codeforces and sort by problem difficulty. They will help in building up your logic skills! But the main thing is that you will have to practice a lot!

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The above link shall guide u to the best resources out there for honing your programming skills.
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I tried to explain my approach in this quora answer. I have also given proper links to all the resources. Hope you find this helpful !!!


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