Help about game theory.



Whenever the contest starts with a question including “Alice” and “Bob” with a easy game theory, people get AC’s.
I get lot of penalities (6-9) also I take about hours to get logic and get frustrated by looking at ranklist and criticize codechef in my mind about keeping them(Alice and Bob XD) in question (which I know I shouldn’t do).

How can I improve in solving such problems ?

Obviously, many people will say “practice”.
But anything else that you would like to add ?

And where can I practice these questions ?

I mean can you provide some links where I can find such questions ?


PS: I got fucked up twice due to these questions in contest.


yeah please anyone!!!? I always hope not to see the pile or any similar word to it in question :frowning:


@vivek_1998299 me neither… XD


Thanks. I will try to solve these questions.
Still my question is open to all XD


Thank you so much :smiley:


thanx maahnn!!


Thank you so much.


Check Game Theory class notes by Thomas S. Ferguson. I was reading one of them several months ago, fun and lighter than math textbooks. Since then trying to improve myself on DP, hoping to return to game theory soon again


okay thanks @tieros