Help cant figure out the problem

Lapindrome sting problem
Guys please help I am trying this problem where i count both letters in each half it is passing all given test case but gives error on submitting and i could not figure out why please help…

Here is my code -

The Link is showing access denied. IDK whats wrong.

I need a little help I had written code and it’s compiled and showing “Successfully Executed” and Output is also correct but when I’m submitting it it’s showing “Run Time Error” what’s the problem??? What is the mistake I’m committing and unable to debbug it??? Please help me :slight_smile:
Here is my code :

your link is empty

its saying access denied

I updated the link please check again…

I updated the link please check again… thankyou

I updated your solution and now it’s accepted , you can check it here , you were getting the wrong answer because for odd length you were taking one less character on the string to the left of the central character.

Got it thank you so much…

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I’ve updated the link anyways.

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thankYou! for ur kind attention :slight_smile:
I shared editorial link so may be ! plz check this :

sorry i am unfamiliar with java

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nothng too to worry about.