Help in a graph-based problem

The problem goes like this:

You have a drone that can fly for a distance of D before it runs out of battery.

There are N charging stations that can fully charge up a drone.

Write a program to determine whether there is a way to fly a drone (initially fully charged) from your location to a target location via zero or more intermediate charging stations.

Each charging station is denoted by (x, y), and the Cartesian distance is taken between the points.

I tried writing a recursive code, that, however, fails on an edge case:

import math

def distance(c1, c2):  # fucntion to calculate distance between two cordinates
    return math.sqrt(((c2[0] - c1[0]) ** 2) + (
                (c2[1] - c1[1]) ** 2))  # using sqrt function calculating distance between two cordinates

l = list(map(int, input().split()))  # taking input as list using map,split function
dis = l[1]
cordinates = []  # empty list for storing cordinates as tuples
k = l[0] + 2  # for looping purpose because we have to take location and destination cordinates also
for i in range(k):
    x, y = map(int, input().split())
    cordinates.append((x, y))
location = cordinates[-2]  # assing location as 2nd last input
del cordinates[-2]  # removing from list
destination = cordinates[-1]  # assining destination as last input
del cordinates[-1]

def drone(loc, des, cord):  # function taking location,destination,cordinates list as parameters
    if (distance(loc,
                 des)) <= dis:  # if distance between location cordinates and destination cordinate is less than or equal to max distance of drone can travel
        return 'y'
        if len(cord) == 0:  # if cordinates list are empty
            return 'n'
            flag = 0
            for j in range(len(cord)):  # finding the cordiante from the location the drone can travel
                if distance(loc, cord[j]) <= dis:
                    loc = cord[j]  # changing the location to the cordinate
                flag = 1
                del cord[j]
        if flag == 0:  # if flag==0 means there is no cordinate that drone can reach
            return 'n'
            return drone(loc, des, cord)  # if cordinate found calling function with new location

print(drone(location, destination, cordinates))

Test Case:

5 8
1 14
5 20
21 18
1 22
13 12
18 17
7 11

Can someone explain where I am going wrong, or suggest an alternate solution? I am bad at graphs :frowning: