Can someone clarify how to do this problem? There is no editorial or successful submission yet

@galencolin @akshitm16 @carre @ssrivastava990


If you convert everything to “cups”, then it’s just coin change, but if there are no successful submissions, the test cases are probably just wrong (let me try it myself, though)

This gives a runtime error when I take the inputs. I don’t understand the input format but as mentioned by @galencolin this is classic coin change.

Lol, so I wrote a thing in C++, then thought there would be bignums (turns out, for the input constraints, it’s not necessary), so I rewrote it in Python, submitted both, and Python got RE while C++ got WA. I’m not perfect, so there may be some mistake I repeated, but this problem also may just be a bust


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so, there may be error in the problem? should we let admin know?

We should probably have a couple of other people try it independently, because again, I could have just made some mistake in my implementations

yeah okay…thanks tho :slight_smile:

I ran the 2 given test cases and created some of my own and it is working perfectly…also, on the command prompt, it shows no error

@admin the solution seems correct…I think there’s something wrong in the question