Help in becoming better at CP. Specifically, to become a 4* from 1* [.py]

I’ve started CP since the 1st week of December 2021. I competed in multiple short challenges where ever I could. My rating after the 1st challenge I did was 1438 but after 15 challenges, I complete anywhere between 3-5 questions per challenge from barely completing 1. I’ve seen 0 improvements in my rating, actually, my rating has been declining with every challenge I complete (its currently 1196) as of writing this. I don’t know how the ELO rating system works but I think answering more questions might increase my rating.

Where and how will I improve my rating? I use Python 3.9 so books tend to be a bit confusing when I have to translate code. I’m trying to complete the DSA learning series of ‘Jump from 1* to 2*’. Other than that what can I do to increase my rating?

You need to practice a lot! Upsolve questions after every contest. Seeing that u have participated in decent number of contests, you should have performed much better. You require practice, a lot of practice. Don’t jump to tough questions. Codechef is already providing a practice section where they have clearly segregated the section on the basis of difficulty rating. Solving questions rated below 1600. Good luck!

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