Can someone explain why I am getting WA for this

idk, but it gives wrong answer to this

1 1 40 1

what is the answer?


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and also to this
3 3 8 10 This is also giving WA. Any corner cases?
Please help me in this. I spent a total of 90 minutes but still can’t figure out what’s wrong.

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You missed the case of 1x1 matrix in which case your answer should be x even if y<x.

How is it 40 if the max limit is 1 ?

for 1 1 100 10… why the answer will be 100 and not 10???

The else part is where the mistake lies bro.
y-x can be greater than x which is not allowed by the statements of the problem

Since there are no adjacent cells

not really corner but this
3 3 8 10

That’s for adjacent cells. Notice for n = 1 m = 1, there are no adjacent cells.

Here try this edge-case n=m=1.
eg. for test-case
1 1 1000 1
It is outputting 1, while answer should be 1000 as we do not have to worry about y in this case.
(Think why?!)

i tried explaing here the tricky test cases

(but went really fast)

try this 3 3 8 10

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some base conditions are required , like when x is greater than y then substitute y at every alternate places

see [](http://My Soln) , covers all cases

Consider test case : 1 1 11 7
For this case, there are no adjacent cells in the 1x1 matrix. So, the cell can hold the value of x even if it exceeds ‘y’. This is the only corner case due to which many must have got WA.

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for 1X1 matrix output will be max value of X as there is no adjacent cell