Help in competitive programming

I have been doing competitive programming for a few months and now and I am following a book called competitive programming 3 by steveb halim, that book provides us the problem set from Uva online judge. I have been doing these questions but I am facing a lot of issues in them as these ptoblems don’t have editorials and the format of problems is also different than that of codechef or codeforces even those questions don’t have explanation of thier output. So it becomes very frustrating to keep following that.
I need some advice, should I keep doing that or should I switch to problem sets like Cses or codeforces?

UVa IMO has good problems. If you have not done atleast 40 problems, I suggest you to spend some more time.
Else, if you feel, it’s too frustrating, find some other judge to solve problems from.

Hey, I have solved around 110 questions from the cp3 book. They really have good questions but the thing is most of the times I don’t understand the output as there are no explanations.

When I am stuck I search for the question but I don’t get any editorials, I only get the code. Is codeforces a good alternative?

You should use CF then

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