Help in Entrance Exam .My solution for Entrance Exam.Getting a WA.PLEASE HELP!!!

There -

4 3 3 10
10 10 4
10 10 10
10 10 10
10 5
Your Output
Correct Output

Suffering from out of index error it seems to me.

The problem is with your sort function comaparator function and the way you calculate minmark…

Use following comparator instead of your comp

int cmp (const void * a, const void * b){

if( *(long long int*)a - *(long long int*)b < 0 )return -1;

if( *(long long int*)a - *(long long int*)b > 0 )return 1;

return 0;


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Here’s a link to your

[1] now working properly...

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fixed that problem.Still getting WA

Updated link for code please :slight_smile:

Are you sure that your comp function will work fine on alrge values, greater than range of int? Asking because of-

return (*(int*)b-*(int*)a);

I made all the long long ints , ints can store 4x10^9,which is the maximum value that will appear in this problem.BUT im still getting a WA.

Check your sort function. Try this-

Instead of descending order, sort in ascending order and check from N-K-1 element and seregy’s marks.

If that doesnt help, goto c++ compiler and replace your qsort with in built sort. Again, check with N-k-1 element.

I think step 2 will give you AC. Some thigns about C are quite peculiar hence why I avoid it.

Thanks a lot.Upvoted :D.

I haven’t learned how to code in C++ yet.Still,thanks a lot