Help in learning Data structures and Algorithms

Hey friends i would like to begin by saying that i am just a beginner and have joined codechef before 3-4 days and then i started practicing on codechef’s practice arena ie Easy section and now i want to get into real programming ie in the world of Data structures and Algorithms so can anyone suggest me how should i begin and from where i tried solving some problems(means looking at questions) in June Long 2015 but i could only just understand the question and don’t no how to begin solving them, so please help me out any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for giving answer and sorry for my bad english.

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hello vinay…

Data structure and algorithms

Just practice some easy problems first from practice section(EASY).
You can try 1st and 2nd problem of previous monthly long challenges.
If you feel unable to solve them you can check out the editorial, in editorials they will tell you the efficient way to do it.

At first you should solve the problems from easy section with high accuracy…they are generally easy problems which dont have any algorithm as prerequisite.

The most important is Mathematics. You must learn mathematics. If you do so…you will have an advantage.

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Hey guys i know a very good video tutorials on you tube for Data structure and Sorting also on Time complexity(from mycodeschool) all from here I find it very useful what would you all recommend on it?

Data Structures and Algorithms

Yeah mathematics is needed very much and there is advantage of it.

Maths is must.

yeah provide it please i will be very thanks for you.

hey friend its in Russian language and also i have good site of mathematics too look at it it have topics such as Combinatorics,Probability,Graph Theory and many more.

yeah i know it i was watching that site in Mozilla i need to install chrome but thanks.

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