Help in learning tree ds

Question 1 - do I have to learn all tree data structures like(avl,threaded trees,red–black)trees.

Questions 2 -if I learned though should I learn its core implementation of insertion and every operations or should I use c++ stl.

Question - 3if interviewer gives me a question regarding a tree like segment or any other tree can I have the access to use stl or any other library l.

Thanks in advance:)

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  1. Yes you have to understand the working of all of them. If you are short on time then you can skip it as they are not the favorite questions of interviewers.

  2. In these, STL implementation is not required. Core implementation is only required.

  3. Ask the interviewer! If you are using any STL you might be asked to explain its internal working.

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To be on the safer side learn it all.

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thank u @akash_4231