Help in setting up Vim for competitive coding

I’ve seen Willian Lin’s coding videos and I have seen that he is using Vim for writing and running his code. Is there any tutorial or place where I can learn to set it up like that?

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you can take a look at my vim configuration for competative coding
i have configured compilation using F5 and to run you can press F1.

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Yeah I saw it…
But I don’t know anything about Vim, or how to do these configurations and all… :pensive:

I like how you have mapped Wq command to wq. When I try to save and quit vim when in a hurry I generally end up typing Wq instead of wq, and it throw an error :3.


yeah this same was happening with me earlier, well i got to know about these from some other peoples vim configuration, and it’s really awesome.

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take a look at this. may be this will help you

Primeagen is the best :heart:.

Is this for Windows or Linux ? If it’s Linux, then I don’t have it

the configuration is same for both platforms either linux or windows. just go through this you will have some basic idea of how to write .vimrc
then you can write your own vimrc as per your need.