Help in SUBSPLAY - December Challenge 2019 Division 2

cook your code here

#ruby code
tc = gets.chomp.to_i
max = 1
length = gets.chomp.to_i
string = gets.chomp
hash = {}
string.each_char.with_index { |char, i|
if hash[char]
max = [length-i ,max].max
# p hash,max
p max

Can someone explain why this code can’t pass any test case?

Can you explain your logic ?

max = 0
hash = {}
#creating new hash
for each_character_with_index in string
#let the string be “abcd”, this loop runs for (a,0) (b,1) (c,2) (d,3)
if hash[character] == 1
#checking whether this character already occurred in the string
max = maximum of max and (string_length - current_index)
print max

please let me know if you can’t get this.

Your logic is correct. you need to find the shortest distance between any two repeating letters. But you should find a better way to find any repeated letter. This way you might get TLE due to o(n) complexity

Thanks for the help.
But not even a single test case is passed. For every case the result is WrongAnswer only.