Help in Wormholes

I am not able to find out what is bug in my solution in wormholes. Can you please help?



My approach:

  1. Sorting the times of both the wormholes and start and end times of the contest in a seperate array.

  2. Finding the appropriate time of using wormhole.

  3. Calculating the minimum time.

Thanks in advance.


Your code cannot be seen since its a running contest! so no one will be able to help you since no one can see your code! and are you sure that you can discuss a problem from an ongoing contest!??(though its still has 2 years to go:P)

and i guess your approach is fine!

I think we can discuss since the rules and regulations on the contest page do not include Code Of Conduct.

Also updated the code link.

I am getting WA in only Subtask 1 Task 5.