Help me in solving CANDYSTORE problem

My issue

if X >= Y:



print(2*Y - X)

in this code you are you printing y when the target is greater than the chocolates he actually sold . agar target 4 ka h and he sold 5 chocolates tab toh xtra 2 rs wali condition valid ho jayegi instead of y…it should be like if target is 5 and he sold 7 chocolates the total amount should be …5 + 2* 2 = 5+4 =9…and if the target is more than he sold then it should be y … help me anyone in resolving this .

My code

# cook your dish here
t = int(input())
for i in range(t):
    x , y = map(int,input().split())
    if x >=y:
        print(x + 2*y)

#   if X >= Y:
#     print(Y)
# else:
#     print(2*Y - X)     

Learning course: Basic Math using Python
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The logic is if y>x
the answer would be x + (y-x)*2;
the answer would be y.

yeah thanks for telling.
even I also got the same logic after going deep into it.