Help me in solving FASH05 problem

My issue

i already put all tag and attribute as they have mention but its showing error

My code

// your code goes here

	    <div class="NavBar">
	        <a href="" id="navbar-title">
	            FASHION STORE
	<!-- Update the code below this comment -->
	    <div class="Items">
	            <table id="item-table">
        <tr> <!-- First row -->
            <td class="Item-img" > <img src="" alt="T-Shirts"  class="Item-img">
            <td ><img src="" alt="Sun Glasses" class="Item-img">
            <td ><img src=""  alt="Shirts" class="Item-img">
            <td ><img src=""  alt="Shoes" class="Item-img"></td>
            <td > <img src=""  alt="Pants" class="Item-img"></td>
            <td > <img src=""alt="Perfumes" class="Item-img"></td>
        <tr> <!-- Second row -->
            <td > <a href="" class="Item-tag">T-Shirts</a></td>
            <td ><a href="" class="Item-tag">Sun<br>Glasses</td>
            <td > <a href="" class="Item-tag">Shirts</a></td>
            <td > <a href="" class="Item-tag">Shoes</td>
            <td > <a href="" class="Item-tag">Pants</td>
            <td > <a href="" class="Item-tag">Perfumes</td>


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Try some code alignment, it was not accepting mine when I had in next line. Try moving to next line