Help me in solving FASH12 problem

My issue

All my code is proper yet I am being given an error for the problem call FS REMAINING HTML . I am attaching a picture of the issue. Can anyone tell me if mistake is on my side or compiler’s side?

My code

	            Some of our favorite sales are listed below:
	            <li>Independence Day Sale</li>
                <li>Diwali Sale</li>
	            <li>Christmas Sale</li>                
	            <li>New Year Sale</li>	            
	        <h2>Payment Options</h2>
	        <p>We support a large variety of payment options so that you won't miss a cloth due to unavailability of any payment option. You can use a debit card or your credit card to make the payment. Also, you can directly use your UPI ID to make the payment. We also provide EMI options if you think you can not afford a complete amount at once. Other than that, you can directly make your payment through your bank details and even if you are not sure or you are in doubt then you can choose the Cash option where you can pay the amount in cash to our partner who will be delivering your cloth at your doorstep.
	    &#169; 2012-2023

Learning course: Projects using HTML / CSS
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@sam_sepiol000 ,
Not at all, Please reload and try again.

Yeah I did that like 5-10 times before posting the doubt and also now after your suggestion I tried the same. Still getting the same issue.