Help me in solving FLOW001 problem

My issue

cant solve

My code

using System;

public class Test
	public static void Main()
		// your code goes here

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Problem Link: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

if you cannot solve a problem, you can do a lot of things on your own.

  • look at correct submissions of your problem and figure out what they do
  • try to split the problem into subproblems and solve them one after another
  • try an even easier problem. If you are stuck for a long time, you may want to move on. Being stuck for 10+ minutes is enough for a beginner to move on. If you are advanced, 30-60+ minutes is probably a better estimate. It really depends though
  • use Google or AIs to help. For example, my goto AI is . Be aware that AIs can be bad sometimes (they sometimes lie with full conviction), but asking them to explain an easy solution usually works fine. Here is what I would have asked the AI if I were you: