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#Note that it's python3 Code. Here, we are using input() instead of raw_input().
#You can check on your local machine the version of python by typing "python --version" in the terminal.
def calculate_account_balance(X, Y):
    # Check if X is a multiple of 5
    if X % 5 != 0:
        return Y

    # Calculate the total amount to be withdrawn (including bank charges)
    total_amount = X + 0.50

    # Check if the account balance is sufficient for the withdrawal
    if total_amount > Y:
        return Y

    # Perform the withdrawal and deduct the bank charges
    remaining_balance = Y - total_amount

    return remaining_balance

# Take input from the user
X, Y = map(int, input().split())
Y = float(Y)  # Convert Y to float

# Call the function to calculate the account balance
result = calculate_account_balance(X, Y)

# Print the output

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