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Learning course: Learn HTML / CSS
Problem Link: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

You don’t need JavaScript for this task, only HTML. Each task gives you the formatting and text that should be displayed. For each task, find the html tags (remember the closing one) for the specified format (e.g. bold, underline, etc.) and put the text provided for said task inside those tags.

<h1> Task 1 </h1>
<!-- Type your code below this line -->
<b>'I like learning here'</b>

<h1> Task 2 </h1>
<!-- Type your code below this line -->
<i>'I am learning HTML'</i>

<h1> Task 3 </h1>
<!-- Type your code below this line -->
 <u> 'Marry me Chef (or Chefina)!!!'</u>'