Help me in solving JCF3 problem

My issue

In line 22,it printed removed element but as per syntax “+ codechef” it need print entire list like 15 line output

My code

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import java.util.*;

class Codechef
	public static void main (String[] args)
	    // Create an ArrayList
		ArrayList<String> codechef = new ArrayList<>();
		// Add elements
        System.out.println("ArrayList with 2 Strings: " + codechef);
        // Access element
        System.out.println("First element of the ArrayList: " + codechef.get(0));
        // Remove element
        System.out.println("First element removed: " + codechef);
        // Change element
        codechef.set(0, "code");
        System.out.println("First element changed to: " + codechef.get(0));
        // size of the ArrayList
        System.out.print("Size of/number of elements in the ArrayList: " + codechef.size());

Learning course: Learn Advance Java
Problem Link: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone