Help me in solving PUSH7PA problem

My issue

not getting the meaning of problem

My code

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Problem Link: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

1)There are n towers of height h.
2)you can initially jump to any of those towers.
3) If you jump on a tower ,then all other towers except the one you jumped on get their height increased by 1.
4) Now you need to find the maximum height you can reach given the condition that you can only jump from a height x to height x+1.

if you observe carefully then you will be able to find that the question simply asks you to output
max(elemnt of highest frequency+ its frequency -1, largest element of array). This can easily be solved by map structure.

Pushpa wants to select a tower to start from, and then he can keep jumping to towers whose heights are one more than her current tower’s height. With each jump, the height of all other towers (except the one he jumps to) increases by 1. The task is to find the maximum height Pushpa can reach following these rules.